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What areas do you deliver to?
Currently we deliver to all west (W), south west (SW), south east (SE), WC and EC London postcodes plus KT2, KT3, TW8, TW9 and TW10. We’re planning to expand into other postcodes in London very soon. Click here to sign up to our newsletter so we can alert you when we start delivering to your postcode.


Is there a minimum order value?

We don’t charge for delivery but in order to help us cover our costs we do have a minimum order value of £15.

Can I change my delivery date?

Yes, so long you are not changing it after 12 noon the day before your planned delivery.

If you have an account you can just go to your account page to find your order details and you will be able to choose a new date. If you don’t have an account please email us at [email protected] and we will amend the date for you if possible.

P.S. Just a quick reminder that we only deliver from Tuesday to Saturday

Do I have to be in when you deliver?

Whilst we would certainly prefer to hand your delivery to you personally, if you would prefer your package to be left in a safe place or with a neighbour please let us know on your order form.

If there’s any problem with a delivery we will let you know by phone or text and we can try to arrange another time to deliver.

If you are ordering for delivery to somebody else’s address then please make sure that you enter a contact number for them so that we can contact them in case of any delivery issues.

I'm worried pasta left outside won't be safe

We often deliver to blocks of flats, houses or flats and houses on main roads with no front gardens or porches. If you are happy for us to leave it outside your door we will and if evil-doers nick your pasta (it happens very very rarely) we won’t charge you for your order.

Can you guarantee that dishes are allergen-free?

We list all potential allergens on our order pages and also on our recipe cards.

However because of the variety of dishes being cooked in our kitchens we cannot guarantee that any of our dishes are can be free of any trace of allergen. For example we use almonds in our sauces and although we take great care to keep them separate from other ingredients they are present in the kitchen and anyone with a nut allergy should be aware that the kitchen isn’t totally allergen-free.

Do you offer gluten-free dishes?

Yes we do. There’s not a gluten-free alternative for every dish we make but there is for most of them. We make our own gluten-free pasta and it works brilliantly for most pasta shapes but it hasn’t got the right consistency for filled pasta parcels. When you order one of our pasta shapes with sauce dishes you will get the chance to request a gluten-free alternative*. It may not be exactly the same shape as for the standard dish – for example linguine might be swapped for bucatlni.

*Available for every dish except Pici.

Why do you include pasta water when I can use the pasta water from my own saucepan?

You can use your own pasta water but it won’t have as much oomph as the water we send you, or make your pasta sauce as emulsified as it should be.

It’s much more concentrated than the water you will have in your saucepan after boiling a small serving of pasta.

You will definitely notice the difference between using your own pasta water and our Otto pasta water.

How long can I keep my pasta in the fridge before cooking it?

The pasta is intended to be eaten within two days of delivery and we would advise against freezing it.

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